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Better Oral Sex

We like to think that a woman is born knowing how to give great oral sex. We think that they must take notes while watching swingers black woman porn movies. This isn’t always the case. In this article we will give you suggestions on how to improve her oral sex skills. Using ice is a great thing. You would think that something cold on your penis would make it go limp, but it does the opposite of this. It will make the experience more enjoyable. Sometimes women don’t atlanta black swingers use their hands enough. They think that it is all in the mouth. Tell her to rub and squeeze your testicles while she goes down on you. Your testicles do not get touched very often so when they are – WOW! The feeling is amazing!!!

Tell her to grip black and white swingers your penis like a baseball bat and stroke along in rhythm as she goes down on you. This will drive you crazy! Nothing feels better than a little tongue magic. Tell her to be creative with her tongue. Tell her to flick it against the head and to lick your penis like a popsicle. Also, tell herto suck and lick dallas kinky black swingers your testicles. If you are a brave man, tell her to lick your anus while she masturbates you. You will love this.

We think that only dallas black swingers positions refer to sex. Don’t let yourself get into this one track mind. Her working your love bone can feel terrific in many positions. Have you suck your member while you are sitting. This makes for an interesting experience. Your boner will be straight up and paying attention to her. Haveher sit in a adult black housewifes man swinger white chair while you stand next to her. This is a great position. I love holding on the back of my girl’s head as she sucks me off. Sometimes I get carried away and I hold onto her ears. She always lets me know that her ears aren’t handles.
Laying down. This is all black swingers site by far the best method of receiving oral sex. This is my favorite. This is a no brainer really. If you are laying down then you are going to be relaxed as she goes down on you. There is nothing more relaxing than a hot babe with her face in your crotch. I know that most men are very uneasy about their anus. I black swinger group think this is because men think that if they are aroused by stimulation to the anus that they are gay. Get that out of your head! How could you be gay if a WOMAN is stimulating your anus??

There are many ways adult black swinger that she can stimulate your anus and more importantly your prostate gland while performing oral sex. She can use her finger of course, she can also use a sex toy. I don’t suggest that you allow her to stick foreign objects in your ass. Don’t try to stick the dog up there, only small things that will feel good. black swingers alliance
Tell her to look into your eyes as she sucks you into the cosmos. This can get a great turn on. Watch her look up at you as she swallows your penis like a hungry snake.
Here are some things black swinger gallery your woman should NOT do.

Don’t use toothpaste. It black oklahoma swinger may taste good on the toothbrush, but keep it far away from your penis. Not only can this burn, but it will feel gritty on your penis. Unless you like the feeling of sand on your penis, toothpaste isn’t for you.
Don’t allow your woman swinger video to use Ben Gay or any type of rub like this. It will burn like hell and you will think you are about to die. Keep this stuff as far away from your dick as you can. Using flavored massage oil can be just like using Ben Gay. It can burn like hell and bother you to no end. I would suggest you stay away from this. swinger sex video

I have never understood it, but some women think that biting a penis feels good. Never suggest that she bites your free swinger video penis. If she is hungry, she might bite it off! Seriously, its not worth the risk. There is nothing wrong with telling your woman that her oral sex isn’t up to par. If she is the sensitive type, make sure you tell her nicely. I would suggest that you be experimental with each other and have great communication in bed. party swinger video This will help you get those better blow jobs and you will be one happy man.

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