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Self Esteem in Dating

Self-esteem is a knowing of your True Self, your Divine Essence, and the alignment of your actions,thoughts and feelings with submitted swinger wife this Essence. Our esteemed self is loving and resourceful. (Resourceful is defined as “once again full of Source.”) Our True Self is the unchanging, strong, knowing, essence within.

Self-esteem is not something swinger wife porn we need to go find. It is not something outside of us that we either have or don’t have. It is not something that we can get from someone else or give to someone else. We all already have it, but it gets covered up under mucky layers of feelings and beliefs that are non-resourceful.
In order to become swinger watch wife Source-full and esteemed once again two things are necessary:
1) We must build our sense of who we truly are, aligning our words, thoughts, feelings and actions with this essence.
2) We must let story swapping swinger wife go of who we are not, i.e.. letting go of all non-resourceful feelings, thoughts, beliefs and actions.

The following guidelines and free swinger wife exercises are steps toward growing who you really are and letting go of who you really aren’t. If you take active, conscious steps in the direction of revealing your Divine Essence you will experience wonderful results!
1) Be Self-Observant Live gang bang swinger wife Aware! In order to get where you would like to go, it is important that you first know where you are now. Assess yourself.
What is your “starting point”? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Take a “meta-perspective” of wife swinger pic free yourself. This means that you become an observer of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Watch how you are in different situations. Experience yourself from a different perspective. The point here is not to judge yourself, but merely access yourself. Discover “what is” about you.
Ask Yourself Some Important house swinger wife Questions! Ask yourself, “What is it like to live with me? What is it like to be in a relationship with me? What is it like to confide in me, to talk to me? What is it like to wake up with me?” Become an objective observer of your own behavior so you are able to see where changes may be necessary. Observe your own swinger wife video feelings as you ask and answer these questions.Every now and then throughout the day, take a “snap shot” of yourself and how you are being in that moment.

Make a conscious choice swingers wife party from this place of observation to adjust any words, thoughts, feelings or behaviors that are not sourced from love.

2) Be Accepting of lingerie swinger wife Yourself and Others

Now that you have observed yourself, accept where you are with love, rather than resistance. It is very difficult to change wife an husband swinger “what is” when you are resisting the existence of “what is.” Resistance is not resourceful. Know that everything is part of your process and that as you grow and learn your circumstances will change. Remember, we are all always doing the best we can with the resources that are available to us. As we become more cream pie swinger wife observant, more conscious and more accepting… more resources become available to us as well and we will be more resourceful!

Do the Mirror Exercise! swinger wife fucking Look into your own eyes in the mirror and simply “be with yourself’ for several minutes. Then, when you are ready, begin telling yourself what you like, love, admire and appreciate about yourself. Maintain eye contact. Breathe! End with “I love you and accept you just the way you are….” Breathe, hold the look. swaping swinger wife Do this every night and go over all the successes you had during the day. Do it every morning as a pep talk for what you will accomplish that day! Do it every day for 60 days minimum.

Look for your goodness! hardcore swinger wife Make a list of all your good qualities, strengths, and talents. Add to it daily. Aim to identify 50 positive qualities about yourself. Once you’ve reached that, aim for 100. If you look, you will find them! Take your time… avoid judging yourself for taking time to think of new ones.

Make a list of all your successes! To make this easier, divide your life into thirds and identify successes from each third. No accomplishment is too small to acknowledge on your list! Add to it daily!

3) Let GO of Non-Resourceful Feelings and Thoughts

When you begin these exercises, you may find non-resourceful feelings or memories from the past bubbling to the surface. The good news is that you can let them go! It comes as a surprise to many of us that we can choose our feelings! Feelings are simply trapped energy in your body and you can release them, allowing you to return to a state of resourcefulness. Holding on to non-resourceful feelings requires three things: willingness, intention and commitment.
Ironically, Letting go also requires three things: willingness, intention and commitment! Both require the exact same behaviors except holding on requires a whole lot more energy!

First, identify which of two needs your upset is caused by: the need for approval or the need for control. All upsets trace back to one or the other or both. Once you identify which need is plaguing you, ask yourself if you want to let it go. Then, ask yourself if you are willing to let it go. Finally, ask yourself when? If the answer is, “now,” close your eyes, take a deep breath, focus on the unpleasant feeling you may have in your body and breathe them out. Breathe deeply and release the stuck energy. Do it again and again, until it is gone. Once you have released all that energy, you will end up in a resourceful state from which you can make healthy decisions.
With practice you will be able to let go of non-resourceful feelings in an instant, allowing you to handle all situations from a place of resourcefulness. Simply observe, identify, breathe and let go! It truly is that simple, once you get out of your own way!

It is important that you also let go of your judgment of others, as well as of yourself. Remember that when you are judging others, you are simply experiencing and/or acting out your need for control. Follow the same steps above to let it go, and return to a place of allowing others to be who and what they are.

4) Live in alignment with your most resourceful self!

Part of growing who you are is identifying what you believe in.
Make a list of your values… What is important to you? What do you believe in? Identify your values, define them and prioritize them. Then actively work to live in alignment with them.

Live responsibly: Align your words and your actions.
Do what you say you will do!

Chose how to respond to the events in your life. Our power comes in our response-ability. Our power lives in choice because we have complete freedom to choose how to respond to our circumstances and thus how to create new results.When we don’t recognize and utilize our ability to choose, we perceive ourselves as victims- which is a powerless perspective. Exercise your ability to choose!

Give, Serve: A wonderful aspect of our true nature is the joy that we derive from helping others and being of service. Practice conscious acts of kindness! Surprise people unexpectedly. Look for things that you can do to be kind! Do some things for which you will be able to see the other’s response and then do some things which no one will ever know you did. The reward for these is simply internal. Mix them up! Have fun plotting to do the world good! Be the answer to someone’s prayer!

Express Yourself: Write, dance, draw, play music, sing, do whatever allows you to be creative. Our ultimate nature is creativity and we are often most aligned with our Highest Self when expressing ourselves in a creative manner. Experience your uniqueness through expression! Create! Imagine! Play!

Make a list of everything you love: Add to it daily. Be sure that the things you love are in your life regularly!

Create Magic Moments: Get outside! Provide yourself time in nature… some of our most magical moments happen there, when we feel totally at one with Source. Gather unforgettable experiences!

Enjoy each moment: Happiness is whatever is happening now. You won’t find it in the past, and you can’t access it in the future. It is here now with you now! Pay attention and honor each sacred moment!

5) Take Inspired Action

Live purposefully: Gain clarity on what you want and where you want to go… set goals, create a vision.

Satisfaction: Take action toward your goals! Whenever you feel lethargic or stuck, you probably just need to make one reasonable step to begin the unsticking process!

Make lists of things you want to do, things you want to learn, places you want to go, people you want to meet… Avoid boredom…it kills our sense of self!

Give your actions and words the “purpose test.” Ask yourself if what you are saying and doing are leading you closer to your goals or farther away… consciously choose words and behaviors that move you toward your goals. Aim to have your words and actions based in love. Say and do things that make you, and those around you, feel more loving.

6) Live Appreciatively

List everything you are thankful for… and add to it daily! feel thankful: Stop to look around and honor the beauty that surrounds you. Breathe it in!

The goal is to move into a state of constant appreciation, knowing that everything is perfect. Everything is a mirror for us of what we are creating. If you don’t like the results you are receiving, then offer thanks for the sign, and change what you are doing so as to create different results.

Receive Compliments: Allow yourself to accept valid compliments, rather than simply dismissing them. In order to do this, you must offer the compliment to yourself–from yourself!

Give Compliments: Let people know what you appreciate in them! Give thanks to those for whom you are thankful.

7) Live Spiritually

Receive the blessings that God has surrounded you with…be attentive, notice!
“The breeze of grace is always blowing, but we must set our sails to catch it!” — Ramakrishna

Meditate! In silence we can hear the voice of God.
Trust your intuition. Listen to your self! Give yourself quiet time everyday to simply listen to communication from your soul. Turn off the TV and the Radio. Go into peace! Pay attention to what you hear! Open your heart to love and to be loved!

Laugh! Our higher selves have a great sense of humor! Enjoy! Laugh! Celebrate!

Love God! Receive God’s love! A common misunderstanding is that God is a punishing entity that needs to be feared. Quite the contrary, God is an entity which honors us with a continuous flow of blessings and eternal opportunities to improve and to know ourselves. The goal is that we can sit in the presence of God’s pure and total unconditional love for us and not judge ourselves, but rather simply recieve! (This is not as easy as it seems!) The more we align ourselves now with our Highest Self, the easier that will be. Live each day as if this is the day that you will sit in the waterfall of God’s unconditional love…because, of course, it is! and You are!

8) Live in Balance
Do something every day for your body, mind and spirit.

Take care of your body, exercise, eat healthfully and balanced, dance, move, massage, make love… whatever is most honoring in respect for your body.

Feed Your Mind! Learn, study, grow… try new things! Stretch! Our minds love to learn. Explore! Discover! Grow!

Soothe your soul, get out in nature, worship, pray, listen, read, write, create, Walk the labyrinth!

Most important… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Shower the world with love! This can only be possible if you have showered yourself with love first! Make it your personal mission to assist others in feeling more loving on account of coming in contact with you!

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