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Doing Oral Sex

I know, you already know how to lick it down there. Trust me, after reading this, you will have learned a few new Mature Singles with Pictures things to do down there. Oral sex is important. I don’t know if women prefer oral sex verses penetration. I would think that some, if not more than half do. Many women can’t achieve an orgasm with normal sex. That is a sad but true fact of life. Some women don’t like to give or receive oral sex.Most healthy people enjoy Nude Singles it a lot. Chances are if a woman doesn’t enjoy oral sex, she either had some bad experiences or she feels uncomfortable with her body.
You like it when she goes down on you? Then you should go down on her! I have known a few men who say they won’t lick Nude Singles Ads their lovers luscious spot because they think that it is gross. I’m sure your woman doesn’t think its the greatest thing in the world to have her face near your sweaty nut sack.

Here is what you Nude Singles Dating Services have been waiting your whole life for. Here is a list of things that you can do to make oral sex more enjoyable for her.

– Tease her first. Nude Singles Services Don’t go straight for the beaver, get to know the dam first. Lick her thighs. Kiss her belly button and tummy and drag your tongue down to her vagina. Let your tongue brush against her labia, but don’t stick it in. Give her a chance to get good and wet before you do.

– Have some fun. Nude Singles Sites Women love to see their men having fun while they eat them. Just don’t go cracking any jokes. She will pull your head back down to her crotch using your ears as handles.

– Spend plenty of Nude Singles with Pictures time down there. Pretend you are a miner looking for gold. Don’t spend 30 seconds down there and say you are done. Take your time. Enjoy all of her tastes and smells. Get to know every single part of her vagina.

– Work that clitoris. Online Singles Spend time licking and sucking the clitoris and her hood. Start out real slow and work up your speed. Most women find it easier to have an orgasm when her clitoris is stimulated.

– Massage her outer Online Singles Ads lips. While you are sucking and licking her clitoris, massage her lips. Pull them away and bring them close together. This will drive her totally insane.

– Use your fingers. Online Singles Dating Services Use your fingers to penetrate her while you are licking her clitoris. She will love this. Chances are before long you will feel her tremble with pure delight. Also, you can rub her clitoris while you eat her out.

– Put a pillow Online Singles Services under her rump. This will give you more room for your dinning pleasure. You will be able to focus more on how to please her if you have more access to her.

– Massage her nipples. Online Singles Sites Most women love it when they nipples are rubbed during sex acts. I had one girlfriend who insisted on this. She said that when I touched her nipples it made her clitoris tingle.

– Stop midway through Online Singles with Pictures intercourse to eat her. This will catch her by surprise. Get her all worked up by pounding the hell out of her. Just when she least expects it, jump down and start licking her beaver. She will go crazy when you do this.

– Eat her while Real Singles you have mints in your mouth. This will set her wild. Put a menthol cough drop in your mouth and go down there. After you are done, share it and have her go down on you while she sucks on the cough drop.

– Do the hummer. Real Singles Ads Put your mouth on her clitoris and suck. While you are sucking, hum a little. Some women really like this. If she doesn’t, don’t feel like you were humming the wrong tune.

Here are some things Real Singles Dating Services that women hate.

– Bad reactions. Don’t tell her that she stinks or ask if she showered today.

– Don’t insist on performing oral sex. If she isn’t feeling so fresh, she is dropping you a hint. If you insist too much, you might get a face full of blood if she is on her period.

– Keep your nails trim. You don’t want to damage her because your nails are too long.

– No limits. There are no limits to where you can and can’t lick.

– Don’t blow air in her! This can cause serious health problems!!!!!

– No bartering. Don’t tell her that since you went down on her, she should go down on you.

– Don’t tell her what your ex liked. She isn’t your ex, so don’t compare her to her.

There you go. Follow these and you will be terrific when it comes to oral sex.

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