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Guide to Male Body Language

Body language will always give you away. Learn how to spot the tell-tale signs of a man who’s interested in you and swinger photo album you’ll never be left guessing again!

If a man is interested, as he approaches you he will pull in his tummy, puff up his chest and standtaller. Then the preening swinger orgy photo begins…!

The preening begins…
This will take the swingers resort photo form of:
– Reaching for his throat and straightening his tie
– Smoothing his collar
– Brushing imaginary dust ads couple personal photo swinger from his shoulder

A good sign
– Rearranging his shirt, swinger wife cufflinks or other clothing
– Smoothing his hair

Key signs he’s interested swinger wife nude
Thumbs in belt
1 Hooking his thumbs in his belt
This highlights the genital swinger wife swap region and says ‘I’m virile’. (When used with other men this means they are staking their territory and showing that they’re not afraid).

Body positioning Foot pointed swinger wife story towards you
Body positioning is key, if he’s interested he’ll turn his body towards you. If you’re standing or sitting in a group look at his feet, if one or both of them are pointing in your direction it’s a good sign. Holding your amateur swinger wife gaze
Holding your gaze for even just a split second longer than necessary, combined with dilated pupils, means you’re DEFINITELY in there. Women are excellent at using the intimate gaze – men are not andoften don’t even pick swinger wife swapping it up when they’re on the receiving end of one. A man’s intimate gaze is generally very obvious.

Intimate gaze – the triangular formation
This involves looking from: post your swinger wife
– Eye to eye
– Then down to the mouth and chin
– Down to the hot swinger wife rest of the body and back up to the eyes again in a triangular formation.

Hands on hips
Is done to make angel lover swinger wife him appear bigger and to show readiness for involvement!

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